Punch Press

Yawei Series Turret Punch Press’s

The HPE-3058 Series turret punch press uses twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft. Yawei drive system combines the simplicity of the original clutch and brake technology with the high speeds of the fastest hydraulic ram driven systems. The result is unmatched performance, superior reliability, and lower operating costs.

Yawei Series Standard Features

  • Process 10’x5′ sheets without re-positioning (Yawei 3612 M2 only).The – 2510 NT is capable of 8’x4’ sheets
  • The highest real-world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy.
  • Twin servo drives eliminate the need for complex hydraulics or oil-cooling chillers—dramatically reducing maintenance and repair costs over the life of the machine.
  • Precision ram motion control (speed, stroke length, and hover height and hold time) helps reduce tooling wear and punching noise.
  • Electrical power savings of up to 70% over typical hydraulic machines.
  • Standard 58-station or 55-station, triple track, King Turret. Both turret configurations include two 4½” and two 1¼” auto-index stations.
  • Full set of high performance, quick-adjust, large station air-blow holders.
  • Features include:
    – 30 ton punching force
    – LUSTSP servo punching system (Germany)
    – 1500 x 2500mm axis travel
    – 102m/min axis travel rate (X and Y)
    – 400hpm punch frequency (25.4mm pitch and 6mm stroke)
    – 1500 x 5000mm maximum sheet size (with one repositioning)
    – 6.35mm maximum sheet thickness
    – 40 station turret with 2 auto index (D)
    – 1500spm
    – 3 moveable pneumatic clamps
    – automatic x gauge block
    – brush table
    – strip away detection
    – automatic lubrication system
    – Siemens 840D CNC control system
    – 5 axes CNC: X, Y, Z, T, C
    – Tool hoisting device
    – 5.1kW/h working power
    – 0.9kW/h standby power
    – machine weight: 19000kg
    – machine size: 5830 x 5000 x 2250mm (LxWxH)Optional Extras:- Air blow oil mist system
    – Multi tool device
    – Programmable movable clamps
    – Stainless tables with balls for heavier sheets
    – 38 station turret with 2 auto index (D) including one fixed E station
  • Extended tool life and minimum tool maintenance with Air Blow Oil Mist tooling.
  • Virtually eliminates slug pulling with the power vacuum system.
  • High quality, press-brake-like forming operations up to ½” with programmable dwell at bottom of stroke for complete plastic deformation.
  • Progressive forms, flanges and embossments up to ½” eliminate secondary operations.
  • Forming and high quality processing eliminate secondary operations.
  • Reduced vibration of the direct twin drive ram combined with the rigid bridge frame ensures tighter tolerances extending tool and machine life while producing high quality, distortion free parts.
  • Brush table design provides scratch-free processing, eliminating secondary finishing.
  • Free standing PC-based network CNC control allows for flexible layout.
  • Both the 3612 and the 2510 have manipulators installed allowing unmanned loading and unloading operations.