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.Questions when Manufacturing Enclosures

  • Is it an indoor or outdoor application
  • Is there a specific NEMA rating requirement
  • How large does the enclosure need to be; height, width and depth
  • What will the environment be like; i.e. hot, cold, corrosive chemicals, salt air, etc.
  • Will there be any security or potential vandalism issues
  • Will the enclosure need to support a specific weight load
  • What material do you want used for fabricating the enclosure
  • How will the enclosure be installed; i.e. pole mount, free standing, wall mount, etc.
  • What type of protection will the equipment inside the enclosure require
  • Will the enclosure require ventilation; passive or forced
  • Will your electronics need to be air-conditioned or heated
  • Do you need access from more than one side
  • Do the doors need to be hinged on the right or the left

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Fan Package

  • 115V, 105 CFM AC axial fan & thermostat
  • 12, 24 and 48 VDC optional configurations

Heater Package

  • 120V, 150 watts strip heater & thermostat
  • Optional sizes and configurations available

Radiant Barrier Coating

  • Insulating paint has up to 35% higher reflective properties over wet coat or powder coat finishes
  • Keeps batteries and electronics cooler and operating more efficiently; extends life expectancy

Slide-out Battery Shelf

  • Secure, easy-slide drawer that provides easy access to batteries, reducing ergonomic stress on the technicians during installation and servicing

Low-E Insulation

  • R8 to R12 value, depending on orientation
  • 1/4″ thick, maximizing available interior space for batteries and electronics

Temperature & Air Control

  • Thermostats
  • Sun Shields
  • Enclosure Breathers
  • Insulation
  • Heaters
  • Air Conditioners
  • Axial Fans
  • Vents & Air Filters

Lighting & Interior

  • Power Supply
  • Enclosure Lights
  • Light Switches
  • Viewing Windows
  • EIA Racks
  • Shelves
  • Slide-out Drawers

Mounting & Exterior

  • U-bolts
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Casters & Wheels
  • Vibration Control
  • Back Plates/Sub-Panels


Seismic events are much more common than people think, in fact, they take place every day throughout much of the continental United States. In many cases, millions of dollars worth of technology depend on the quality and installation method of the seismic rack that it is stored in. Prathamesh Ispat can manufacture Rack Enclosures that will be tested and certified by a third party.

Who uses Seismic Enclosures?

While anyone can use a seismic enclosure if they desire the added vibration resistance, whether or not it’s required for a particular area, it boils down to an area being considered essential or non-essential. There are certain areas that need to remain functional in the event of an earthquake to serve the population in an emergency situation (think hospitals, data centers, fire stations, government agencies) and areas where it’s less important (businesses, schools, homes, etc.). If you’re working with an “essential” operation, or one that guarantees 100% server uptime but is located in a particularly sensitive area, a seismic enclosure is one you may want to strongly consider.

The Prathamesh Ispat solution

We offer design services and solutions to meet the needs of any seismic cabinet specification. Everything from material cutting to welding, machining, and fabrication is all handled in house utilizing the same state of the art tooling, the latest welding processes and a continuous manufacturing workflow system we use for our custom enclosures.


Prathamesh Ispat is a leading provider of standard and custom electrical enclosures, industrial cabinets, and NEMA-rated enclosures for the transportation industry. Tailoring product features to your unique application requirements, Prathamesh Ispat designs and builds high-caliber enclosure products that protect IT and RF equipment, battery enclosures, wiring, security systems, and other resources.

Using aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel our design and manufacturing professionals rise above “the standard” with our IP and UL-rated products.

Transportation Enclosure & Cabinet Benefits

Transportation equipment and components are subject to a harsh mix of temperatures, dust and particulate exposure, moisture, and weather severity. Prathamesh Ispat enclosures and electrical cabinets protect valuable assets from corrosion, vibration, and intrusion while delivering protection against shock hazards.

  • Variety of installation configurations
  • Heavy-duty, intrusion-proof designs
  • Fans / heaters & thermostats to assist in maintaining ideal equipment temperature
  • Adaptable configurations that meet current & future needs
  • Vibration dampeners sized for your specific application

The Prathamesh Ispat Value Proposition

Prathamesh Ispat is a manufacturer of choice for high-performance traffic, rail, and aviation enclosures and cabinets. Dedicated to excellence at every project phase, we have earned a reputation and an A+ accredited Better Business Bureau rating for our custom enclosure and electrical cabinet solutions. Prathamesh Ispat clients also enjoy:-

  • Product delivery to meet your timelines
  • Guaranteed workmanship & project value
  • Strict compliance to regulatory standards
  • Durable protection for virtually any environment
  • On time Delivery with top most quality ratings.

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