About Us

Prathamesh Ispat stands out among electrical enclosure manufacturers of sheet metal (CRCA and GP) for two good reasons.
One is our rigorous approach to manufacturing quality and sourcing right material from Manufacturer or their authorized distributors supported by Quality Reports.

Prathamesh Ispat’s main focus is on Customized Electrical Enclosures both PCC and MCC and Cabinets. Currently 95% of our work is custom enclosures that cannot be purchased off the shelf.

We focus on three main selling points:

Quality work, Quick turnaround and a Competitive price point.

Leading Electrical Enclosure Manufacturers

Manufacturer of Choice


The difference shows in a wealth of Prathamesh Ispat customization options, provided under the expert guidance of experienced design and manufacturing professionals working on latest 3 D softwares and CNC MACHINES.

  • Extra structural reinforcement
  • Custom exterior finishes
  • Pad, wall mount or free standing configurations
  • Lights, fans, and climate controls
  • Sizes from small junction box enclosures to large cabinets
  • Single Front, Double Front
  • Fixed and Draw out
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Desired IP protections ranging from IP42 to IP 65
  • Form of separation from Form 2 to Form 4 Type 7
  • Engineered to accommodate any leading Switchgear makes in India.

Our standard :Continuous improvement

Every Prathamesh Ispat enclosure, regardless of price or features, benefits from a constant effort to maximize manufacturing quality. Computer design technology and CNC manufacturing equipment help create industry-leading performance in initial quality, turnaround reliability and optimum value for the money.

Our associations

Prathamesh Ispat is proud to be suppliers of the following sustainable energy, manufacturing, and business organizations:

  • Samcon Industrial Controls P.Ltd.
  • Vertivco Energy (Previously known as Emerson)
  • Schneider Electric
  • Technocraft
  • Bhoomi
  • Blue Star
  • MASS Hi-tec